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10 Reasons to Outsource Your Call Center

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Deep Call Center & Service Expertise

Outsourced call center partners have decades of experience in creating a proactive customer experience. They’ve spent years learning what works, what doesn’t and finding ways to optimize the customer service model.

At Claro!, we’ve also developed the relationships, tools and technology needed to create efficient process that works. Our management team has over 100 years of experience building call centers & service models for some of the best & brightest companies in the world. Also, our experienced agents are trained to proactively address problems before they arise & are skilled at adding value to each customer interaction.

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Economic Advantage

By outsourcing your call center, you get an immediate volume of scale discount. Plus, your organization won’t have to invest in facilities, management, equipment or technology for customer service functions which is quite expensive.

Additionally with Claro’s proven nearshore model, you can take advantage of our unique location in the San Diego metropolitan area where we are able to offer further savings by leveraging our employee-staffed, executive-managed call centers just across the border.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Technology is expensive & constantly changing. It’s cost-prohibitive for single company to have to invest & reinvest in call center platforms, equipment, facilities, software & training. With an outsource partner, you pay a fraction of the cost & get superior solutions & security.

At Claro! our model is geo-redundant, cloud-based and PCI-compliant. This also makes us disaster averse from the likes of hurricanes, earthquakes, plain bad weather, etc. – because we can switch call delivery location with a few keystrokes & deliver 99.999% up time.

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Flexibility & Scalability
  • 100,000 square feet of cutting-edge call center space up & running
  • Active recruiting streams to ensure enough agents to meet business demands
  • Multi-lingual agents to support varied locations, native speakers & expansion into new markets
  • Established training centers & materials to enable on point brand service
  • Call center platforms & tools that deliver quality, transparency & oversight

With Claro! as your partner, these things are available virtually on-demand so you can grow your business without investing the time & resources to develop them yourself.

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Speech Analytics Artificial Intelligence

You hear a lot about A.I. these days & for call centers there are a lot of ways to apply the data to optimize your processes & service if your partner offers this technology. At Claro!, A.I. allows us to monitor, analyze & record 100% of calls instead of a small sampling. It also offers clients these top benefits:

  • Service Enhanced by Big Data Technology
  • Smart Calling, Emotional Monitoring & Business Insight Detection
  • Consistent Brand Message
  • Real-time Customer Insights to Improve Service
  • Ongoing, Effective Agent Growth & Development Plans
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Staffing & Cost Management Tools

Having full-time employees & maximizing their productivity can be expensive & time-consuming. By utilizing an outsource partner you exchange hiring & management tasks for a fixed per-agent hourly rate that ensures omni-channel service for your valuable customers.

A quality partner like Claro!, also offers solid compensation, good benefits, incentives, cutting-edge tools & systems and many other perks to retain staff. This means less turnover, more experienced agents, increased productive hours & reduced attrition & training costs. It’s a plug & play solution that adds valuable bandwidth to your service team while streamlining time & capital investments.

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Dedicated Brand Ambassadors

A good outsource partner will offer agents who are dedicated to a single client. This means a large part of their job is learning your brand – products, mission & voice – to make sure that they are on point in representing your company. They also receive the training necessary to proactively address your client’s needs to support sales, service or technical support requests.

When you hire Claro! we manage this so our agents become an extension of your team & we treat your customers just like you would, sometimes even better.

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Transparent Data Collection & Analysis

Transparency is an essential feature in a reputable outsourcing partner. You need to be able to monitor progress, meet SLAs & count on your partner to provide insight that helps better serve your customers.

At Claro! we have the technology & systems in place so we can monitor 100% of calls and assess performance from most angles. This allows us to analyze contact patterns, optimize handle time, boost satisfaction & provide valuable reporting. Not just a list of numbers, but actionable data that helps us understand where you are winning and where you need to improve.

Built-in Quality Control

Outsource partners are accountable for delivering service as part of their contracts, so they automatically build technology & process to ensure oversight. This is a timely & expensive undertaking that is included as part of your outsourcing costs.

At Claro! we take it a step further and optimize our QA practices to ensure the highest level of customer experience. We record, monitor & analyze every call, integrate QA scores as part of evaluations, leverage customer feedback from A.I., call review & satisfaction surveys, provide constructive, ongoing coaching & require accountability from call center leadership.

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Expanded Service to Cover the Globe

Having internal staff answer calls at 8pm or on Saturday morning is cost prohibitive. It also distracts employees from their core responsibilities if they aren’t dedicated to Customer Service. At an outsourced call center, their sole purpose is to be available at all hours for your customers when it’s convenient for them.

At Claro! we customize your coverage & workforce management solution to deliver a plug & play solution for your business. So, whether you need to cover the state, the US or the entire world we are there and ready to help.

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