Claro FAQs


What types of support does Claro! offer?

Whatever your Customer Service need, we can help. Our service offerings are classified into four categories:

Within these buckets we create effective, custom programs for each client based on their needs and goals. So whether you need straight inbound call support, a specialty program for VIPs or BPO services to expand your company’s capabilities, we can offer a solution that will help move your business forward.

What types of clients does Claro! specialize in?

We work with companies across most industries, however our specialties are retail, hospitality, travel and SaaS companies. Regardless of industry or company size, our goal is to develop a custom solution that makes every client feel like a big fish in a little pond.

Is Claro! PCI compliant?

Yes. We are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard 3.2 SAQ D certified which means that we have the very latest technical and operational requirements designed to protect consumer account data in place.

Are your call centers in the US or Off-shore?

Both. Claro! has a very effective near-shore call center model. We have our headquarters and our original call center in San Diego, Ca. We also have a large, state-of-the-art, near-shore operations center in Baja California, just 30 minutes away from the home office. This means we can deliver an exact mirror of our award-winning service, performance, security and technology at a more economically advantageous rate for our client.

What are Claro’s SLAs – performance metrics?

We are committed to using the latest cloud-based technology and delivering the best possible service so we can perform at the best levels for our clients and their customers. Our most recent report card, tells us we deliver:

  • 98% Live Agent Call Quality
  • 96% Customer Satisfaction
  • 99.999% Up Time

We also use Speech Analytics Artificial Intelligence to record, monitor and analyze 100% of calls.

How much down-time does the Claro! call center experience?

Claro! has built the optimal, global infrastructure necessary to deliver always-on, secure global solutions that ensure we deliver 99.99% up-time for our clients. This is possible through:

  • Protected, location-independent capacity for all staff – we are natural disaster averse & can deliver increased capacity on demand
  • 100% cloud-based operations – with the flip of a switch we can redirect call volume to any of our secure locations
  • Geo-redundant data processing and storage, not just back-up – maximum security and flexibility to ensure your customer data is always safe and available


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