Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

You hear a lot about A.I. in today’s world, but how can it truly help your business move forward? Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways to use A.I. data to optimize your processes and you don’t have to be a tech giant to take advantage. In the customer service world, quality partners like Claro! use A.I. to offer their clients these top benefits:

Optimal Service Enhanced by Big Data Technology

Ensuring your customers are satisfied with our level of service is our top priority. We incorporate Speech Analytics A.I. to better understand and serve your customers. This helps us:

  • Increase one-call resolutions
  • Minimize holds, transfers & repeat contacts
  • Reduce overall call time
Smart Calling, Emotional Monitoring & Business Insight Detection

Every call is recorded which offers the necessary customer insight to improve key service areas. Speech Analytics provides us the tools to adapt and monitor your calls so we can proactively help your customers using:

  • Emotion detection & monitoring
  • Optimized situation handling to avoid hot points
  • Real-time call modification to better address need & improve service
Consistent Brand Message

We understand the hard work that goes into developing your brand, which is why we work hard to protect and cultivate your brand image. Our technology ensures your company is represented in the best possible light through:

  • Monitoring tone, voice & brand language on 100% of calls
  • Automated dual-screen brand cues, including brand content & offers
  • On-point, consistent omnichannel representation
Key Customer Insights to Help You Grow Your Business

Understanding what customers love about your business and what keeps them loyal is important. Using artificial intelligence, we can adapt processes and gain insight to help grow your business and make service improvements by:

  • Automatically categorizing every call
  • Identifying opportunities & keywords directly from the customer
  • Capturing lead generation & revenue growth opportunities
Ongoing, Effective Agent Growth & Development Plans

Helping our agents develop their skills is crucial to achieve success and helps them better serve your customer’s needs. We incorporate A.I. technology to identify behaviors of top-performing agents and then incorporate them for their peers to use to improve performance. This delivers:

  • Real-time agent coaching & feedback
  • Data-based performance assessments & incentive plans
  • Detection of positive agent patterns & situation handling to improve customer experience