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Three Benefits of Partnering with a Nearshore Call Center

For many companies, making the decision to outsource your customer service can be an advantageous one. It leaves your employees more time to focus on their specialties and is often a huge weight off your shoulders when you finally hand the responsibility over to a partner. For companies who choose a nearshore model, it can also have a significant economic advantage by employing individuals who earn lower, yet fair wages in their market, but still possess significant expertise in their chosen field.

Because of this, many companies find it beneficial to try nearshore outsourcing to take care of their call center & customer service needs. Three of the most important reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing are detailed below.


Everyone who runs a business understands that time is money – there are always more tasks to complete, everything takes longer and often costs more than expected. When you outsource you pay a fixed rate for your partner to handle everything regardless of spikes in call volume, staffing issues and any other problems that are bound to come up. Your company’s overhead costs are significantly reduced by not having to invest in facilities, management staff, daily operational expenses, computers, technology and the other tools necessary to operate a call center. This equates to a much more economically-advantageous service model which can improve even further if you work with a partner who offers nearshore operations. With a nearshore solution, you get the same or better service, educated agents and higher operator retention, yet savings are approximately $17 per hour over Southern California rates and up to $30 per hour over Salt Lake City rates.

Nearshore Call Center - Benefit 1 - Economics
Nearshore Call Center - Benefit 2 -Expertise

In case the economics are not attractive enough on their own, outsourcing also means that you can gain access to highly qualified, efficient and properly trained professionals, without having to hire or educate them yourself. Delegating responsibility to skilled professionals helps better serve and effectually engage your customers which leads to a stronger, more positive representation of your brand. Most importantly, when you take advantage of a partner’s expertise your company will achieve improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention which translates into increased revenue.


There is little doubt that outsourcing your call center can save time and money, but one of the most important benefits is convenience. You are no longer responsible for hiring, training or managing your call center team, saving you the additional effort and expenditure these would entail. With an established partner, you gain access to their technology and call handling platforms without capital investments. This saves your company the inconvenience of constantly researching, upgrading and learning new systems. Plus, with a proven partner handling workforce management, reporting and optimizations, you save vast amounts of time and gain the benefit of their deep industry knowledge.

Nearshore outsourcing is great way to increase efficiency, improve service and make a real difference to the financial health of your business. This is why partnering with a proven call center operation is an ideal solution for many businesses. Why not consider giving it a try today?

Nearshore Call Center- Benefit 3 - Convenience

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